Former Resident

Born: Estimated 2008
Sanctuary Life: 2014 – 2018

Opie pigtail macaque passed away on January 26, 2018, due to organ failure related to cancer. Opie came to us from a pet situation in North Carolina after being confiscated by wildlife officials who found him living in deplorable conditions. Tall and strong, Opie was an intimidating figure. But, we quickly found out as we got to know him that he was actually a quiet, calm, reserved boy who just wanted to find some monkey friends. Once we introduced him to fellow pigtail macaque Maddie, he seemed to truly feel at peace in his new home. Opie was a beautiful, sweet gentleman who left us much too soon. He will always be remembered for his gorgeous blond hair, his startlingly large canine teeth, his delicate hands as he carefully picked through his dinner each night, his tidy nature as he cleaned up after himself and his companion Maddie, his kind face when he was happy to see you, and believe it or not, his sweet smell. Of all the monkeys who have lived at this sanctuary, Opie certainly smelled the sweetest – like flowers and musk and sweet summer air. We’re all so honored that we had the chance to know and care for Opie.