The Chimps

The Primate Rescue Center is home to two groups of rescued chimpanzees: five remaining chimps who arrived in 1996 from New York University’s Laboratory for Experimental Medicine and Surgery in Primates (LEMSIP), which was preparing to shut down (two of the original group have since passed away), and three elderly survivors of the “Dahlonega 5,” who were rescued in 1998 from a private situation in Georgia in which they had spent decades in squalid conditions (two of the original group have since passed away).

One of the PRC’s proudest accomplishments is the unification of these two groups, in the summer of 2000.  Before the introductions, the adults typically spent their days lazily grooming and napping, while the LEMSIP chimps displayed youthful energy and rambunctiousness. But as the two groups were united into one cohesive unit of eleven, more resembling the social dynamic of a natural troop in the wild, the once-sedentary adults began running, playing, and reprimanding the youngsters for inappropriate behavior. And those youngsters benefited, as well, as the integration enabled more complex interactions and social opportunities.

The LEMSIP chimps are now young adults, and  we watch with endless fascination as the males jockey for position in the group’s hierarchy, some of them clearly angling to one day try to claim the alpha spot. Because a chimpanzee may live 50 or more years in the wild, and even longer in captivity, whoever does ascend to that role may have a long reign as leader of the pack.

Merry “Chimpmas” 2022

It’s that time again – the 2022 PRC Chimpmas Holiday Wishlist is here! Each year we look forward to this festive season so that we can spoil all the amazing PRC primates with a little extra holiday cheer. The monkeys and apes have all made their Chimpmas Wishlists, and we hope that you will enjoy making their Chimpmas dreams come true!

The PRC’s Lifetime Care Promise

Jenny Siamang Gibbon was rescued by the PRC in 1992 and is estimated to have been born in 1971. The PRC's Lifetime Care Promise by: Melanie Parker Since its founding, the Primate Rescue Center’s mission has been clear – rescue, rehabilitation, and recovery of...