Chimp Outdoor Enclosure Deck Upgrades

The chimpanzees’ outdoor enclosure now features a new ground-level raised platform on a sloped part of the grounds previously under-utilized by the troop. With sustainability in mind, we chose eco-friendly, low-maintenance, long-lasting, Trex® decking material for this platform. For the higher platforms, originally installed during the construction of the outdoor enclosure, new wood planks have replaced the older wood and additional lower platforms were added. Both varieties of platforms are used often by the chimps and will provide excellent places for the them to rest, groom, and eat for many years to come.

Triple chimp deck tower

Left to right, from top left: Caregiver Elizabeth, Caregiver Caitlyn, Caregiver Assistant Tanner, Caregiver Assistant Michael, Care staff supervisor Laura

Rodney on the new ground-level deck

Jenny on the new ground-level deck

Martina on an upper deck