Merry “Chimpmas” 2022!

It’s that time again – the 2022 PRC Chimpmas Holiday Wishlist is here! Each year we look forward to this festive season so that we can spoil all the amazing PRC primates with a little extra holiday cheer. The monkeys and apes have all made their Chimpmas Wishlists, and we hope that you will enjoy making their Chimpmas dreams come true!

Donald is wishing for some new piñatas because he always enjoys finding tasty treats like popcorn, nuts, and dried fruit inside!

Ike is asking for some plastic cups and tea because he loves enjoying warm tea with his daily forage!

Rodney is wishing for some large blocks this year. Rodney loves playing with large blocks – he especially likes knocking down tall towers that his caregivers build for him!

Martina is asking for a star projector. Martina loves looking at interesting pictures and drawings, so we know she will enjoy watching the beautiful lights from a star projector!

Noelle is hoping for a portable DVD player this year. Noelle loves getting cozy in the playroom and watching a movie when it’s too cold or rainy outside!

Zulu is wishing for a bubble machine and some bubbles this year. She loves catching bubbles and watching them float around in the air!

Victoria is wishing for a wind chime because she loves listening to the beautiful sound of wind chimes while relaxing outside!

Jenny is asking for wrapping paper and peanuts this year. Jenny loves making a big nest out of wrapping paper and then relaxing with a handful of peanuts!

The monkeys got together and decided to ask for new playhouses to go into their enclosures, and some kong toys!

Jenny Gibbon is asking for some Hol-ee Roller balls which her caregivers fill with lettuce for her to enjoy!

We can’t forget our non-primate residents! The goats are asking for a new hay feeder.

Annabelle the dog is asking for some yummy dog treats!

Last, but not least, if you would like to purchase something to help our amazing caregivers, they are asking for a new Sawzall, a circular saw, large work gloves, and colorful carabiners!

We are so grateful for our supporters this holiday season. Your kindness and generosity bring so much joy to each and every resident of the sanctuary!

 If you are interested in sending a gift to the primates, check out their Holiday Wishlist HERE!