Former Resident

Hope Japanese macaque, a PRC resident for nine years, passed away in the early morning hours of February 9, 2024. Hope was watched over and comforted during her passing by her friend and companion, long-tailed macaque Bubbles.

Beautiful and gentle Hope was rescued from a private home in Corbin, KY when she was 15 years old and brought to the PRC to begin her new life in sanctuary on March 24, 2015. Upon her initial examination by our veterinarian, it was determined that Hope was living with advanced visual impairment. This condition, paired with the length of time Hope had lived alone in a human home, made it more challenging to successfully introduce her to a companion. Deprived of the fundamental experience of being raised by her mother and living in isolation for over 15 years, as well as her visual impairment, Hope initially found it difficult to form a lasting friendship with another monkey. She briefly spent time with Japanese macaque Jake, and rhesus macaque Dewey, but eventually was successfully introduced to a few PRC residents, including rhesus macaque Sissy, barbary macaque Saidah, long-tailed macaque Zoe, and finally long-tailed macaque Bubbles.

Hope was very vocal in her early years at the PRC and was known for her eager calls to the caregivers to bring her breakfast promptly. She enjoyed special care from her caregivers and was always happy to hear their voices. She enjoyed long naps in her sleeping barrel, always covered up with soft blankets and stuffed animal friends. As Hope’s visual impairment increased to near blindness, steps were taken by the caregivers to help her feel more comfortable in her enclosure and ensure she could easily find her food, water, and enrichment items.

In the days before her passing, Hope savored the gentle and relaxing sensation of being groomed from head to toe by Bubbles; lying in calm repose and enjoying the comfort and loving touch from her sweet friend.

Despite the difficult beginning to her life in a human home, we take comfort in the fact that Hope experienced love and tender care at the PRC. We are thankful to have known her and cared for her, and that she was able to live the remaining nine years of her life in peace with her primate friends and loving caregivers.