Hope lived as a pet in a human home in Kentucky for many years before being surrendered to the PRC in 2015 at the estimated age of 15 years old. Upon her arrival, Hope was given a full veterinary examination and it was discovered that she has severe visual impairment in one of her eyes caused by an inoperable, benign tumor. This shy girl loves to wrap up and hide under a cozy blanket most days, but when it’s time for breakfast she comes out of her shell and is quite the chatty girl. Hope will begin calling to the caregivers as they bring her fruits, veggies, and lettuce, and she is eager to greet them each day with a friendly face. She also loves to search for nuts and seeds in her forage pool, and munch on tasty frozen treats in the summertime. Some of Hope’s favorite foods are strawberries, apples, tomatoes, and peanuts.