Former Resident

Born: Estimated 2011
Life in Sanctuary: 2018 – 2021

Sweet, kind-hearted, and friendly Opal long-tailed macaque passed away in early January 2021. Our veterinarian determined that Opal’s little body succumbed to untreatable metastatic cancer of the liver and stomach. She left our world peacefully in her sleep.

With rescue assistance from the Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Indiana, Opal arrived at the PRC on July 10, 2018, at the age of 7. Opal came from a pet situation in Indiana, and her owner realized that Opal was not thriving in that situation. Like many “pet monkey owners”, she knew that she could not give Opal the care she needed. Opal did not have access to healthy fruits and vegetables as her main diet and had limited space for physical activity, causing her to become significantly overweight. She needed our help, and we quickly were able to transition Opal to a nutritious and healthy diet and create an enriching area for her to climb and move freely. She began to gain more strength and mobility, which allowed her to shed some of those extra pounds. Her favorite foods were green peppers, snap peas, and grapes.

Initially, we introduced Opal to fellow long-tailed macaque Jax, and these two loved to spend time grooming, snuggling, and sharing food at mealtimes. Later, long-tailed macaque Zoe joined this pair, and the three lived together until Jax’s passing in March 2020. Opal and Zoe continued to be a happy little pair and were very content in each other’s company, grooming and napping together each day.

Opal was truly one of the sweetest, most friendly monkeys we have ever had the honor of caring for. She became instant friends with any monkey or human she encountered, and her precious little squeals of joy and happy lip-smacks are what we remember most about our dear friend Opal.

Opal was only with us for a short time, and we wish we could have cared for her much longer. But, we are thankful that she found her way to us and enjoyed a safe, loving and enriching life while at the PRC. We’re so happy that she had the chance to know and befriend other monkeys. She was adored by her monkey companions as well as her human caregivers and friends. We will miss you sweet girl.