Former Resident

Birthdate: February 1997

Life in Sanctuary: 2005 – 2021

Sweet and friendly Mandy Sulawesi macaque passed away on July 25, 2021, at the age of 24. Laboratory findings from her examination indicated that her passing was due to heart failure likely caused by a hereditary defect that was not detectable in her routine physical exams.

Mandy was purchased by a family in Missouri to become a pet when she was just a baby, and she spent the first eight years of her life in their home. Although Mandy was well cared for and loved, it became clear that living in a human home was not the best life for her, and she was brought to the Primate Rescue Center in 2005.

Mandy truly thrived in her new sanctuary home, and she became friends with fellow Sulawesi macaques Maggie and Mighty. After Mighty relocated to a different area of the sanctuary due to her diabetes diagnosis, Mandy and Maggie continued to live together during Mandy’s 16 years of sanctuary.

Mandy was well known for her unique appearance – beautiful dark black hair, sizeable red bottom that we lovingly referred to as her “built-in bean bag chair,” her bright and lovely eyes, and her distinctive mohawk hair.

Mandy was one of the friendliest girls at the sanctuary, always happy to chat with her caregivers or volunteers and give a sweet lip-smack to express her joy and excitement to see her pals. She often had loud, enthusiastic vocalizations whenever she would receive treats, new enrichment, or even when she was told how beautiful she was by her caregivers.

Mandy loved to spend time outside, and we would often see her and Maggie sitting together and grooming or enjoying some enrichment. Mornings seemed to be Mandy’s favorite time of day, and she and Maggie would spend them basking in the gentle sunshine, happy to be together and ready for whatever the day would bring. Whenever the care staff enriched Mandy’s enclosure with a forage pool filled with shavings and treats, she would spend a little time digging through the shavings to find nuts or popcorn. Ultimately, she often opted to dump the entire pool out onto a mat and search for items, finding herself covered in shavings too. She also enjoyed playing in the water and even let the caregivers gently sprinkle her feet, hands, and sometimes even her bottom with the misting hose. She was also an excellent nest builder and would gather up all her blankets and make a nice, big bed inside her house for a cozy overnight sleep.

Mandy’s sweet, friendly, distinct, and loving personality made quite an impression on everyone who met her, and receiving lip-smack greetings from her was often the highlight of her caregivers’ days. Caring for her was such a privilege, and the joy she brought to those around her was a precious reward for which we will be forever grateful. Mandy’s special and unique soul will always be loved and missed by those lucky enough to know her. We love you, sweet girl.