Former Resident

Birth Year: 2000

Life in Sanctuary: May 2004 – November 15, 2023

Sweet and lovely Ciera long-tailed macaque, age 23, passed away peacefully surrounded by those who loved and cared for her on November 15, 2023. Ciera had developed a condition that left her unable to use her legs, and no treatment option could resolve the issue. With Ciera’s quality of life in consideration and with much discussion with our veterinarian, we decided to help Ciera pass away with dignity and respect.

Ciera came to the PRC in May of 2004 after living for four years in a private home in Indiana. From the start, Ciera’s sweet and friendly personality was evident to the caregivers and monkey residents, and she was able to happily join her first monkey family and easily acclimate to her new home.

During her time at the sanctuary, Ciera lived with several different groups of monkeys, including previous residents Toby, Tonya, Nina, and Gizmo. She also lived with current residents Carlos, Bubbles, and Zoe and enjoyed the last years of her life with Luke and Rainey as her beloved companions.

In late December of 2007, Ciera was treated by our veterinarian for a large tumor in her uterus. A life-saving hysterectomy was performed, and Ciera recovered very well and went on to live a healthy and happy life thereafter.

Ciera was known for her sweet lip-smacks and gentle ways with her companions. She was often observed grooming her pals Luke and Rainey or sitting in her favorite spot – upon her rocking horse. Ciera would sit on the rocking horse (or sometimes we’d trade it out for a toy motorbike) and hold onto the handles, and sometimes she’d even get it rocking. She did this so often that she even passed on this behavior to her friend Rainey, who would imitate Ciera and jump on the rocking horse for a quick ride as well.

Ciera’s kind and joyful spirit touched many of her human caregivers, and she was a much beloved and special girl whom we were so fortunate to know and care for. We will miss her sweet face every day and always remember how kind, friendly, and beautifully distinct she was. We are so grateful that Ciera had her second chance at life at the Primate Rescue Center and lived a full and happy life with us for the past 19 years.