Former Resident

Birth Year: 1996

Life in Sanctuary: January 2001 – December 2023

Zoe long-tailed macaque passed away in early December of 2023, surrounded by her loving caregivers and primate friends. Zoe arrived at the Primate Rescue Center in January 2001 at age 5 after being placed at the sanctuary for care from a private home in Ohio. For nearly 23 years, Zoe enjoyed a life of sanctuary filled with many friends and different enclosures to explore and call her home.

Zoe lived with several PRC residents over the years, including former residents Stinky, Gizmo, Ciera, Lily, Sammy, Toby, Tonya, Nina, and Opal (all long-tailed macaques), as well as Mighty Sulawesi macaque and Dewey rhesus macaque. She also lived with current PRC residents Bubbles long-tailed macaque, Maddie pigtail macaque, Breanna rhesus/long-tailed macaque, Maggie Sulawesi macaque, and Hope Japanese macaque. She truly had quite the roster of companions of 5 different species over the years, and always brought her unique and spunky personality to each arrangement.

Zoe was a very vocal gal who loved to grunt and squeal with her companions and caregivers, and she was also known for her long and loving lip smacks. Active and curious, Zoe enjoyed climbing and playing with toys in her enclosure, as well as engaging with various forms of enrichment. She loved to dig through a forage pool to search for snacks, or figure out a puzzle feeder to grab the treats hidden inside. Zoe relished the opportunity to groom her companions and was very loyal and protective of them, especially when any peafowl wandered a bit too close to their enclosure.

In July 2022, Zoe was diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, and we began to combat her disease with medication and diet changes. This brave girl faced the challenges of her Type 2 Diabetes diagnosis with determination, surpassing expectations and living significantly longer than anticipated, considering her age and the complexities associated with managing the disease. Once it was clear that Zoe’s body could no longer keep up the fight, we, along with her doctor, said goodbye to sweet Zoe and helped her pass away peacefully at the sanctuary.

Zoe leaves a legacy of courage, resiliency, love, and friendship at the PRC and will be truly missed. Her strength of spirit, her determination to thrive despite a difficult start to life, her openness to change and possibility, and her distinct and joyful soul will continue to be admired and remembered by all who met this wonderful girl.