Former Resident

Birth Year: 2000 

Life in Sanctuary: May 2013 – November 2023

Timmy long-tailed macaque, age 23, passed away peacefully in his home at the Primate Rescue Center after ten years of sanctuary life. Timmy had recently developed various symptoms that were of concern to the staff and was undergoing treatment prescribed by our veterinarian. Although we had high hopes that Timmy would recover, we discovered that he had passed away naturally on the afternoon of November 16, 2023.

Timmy, along with his companion Bucky, arrived at the PRC on May 1, 2013, at the age of thirteen, after having lived in a private home since shortly after his birth. Because these two boys were an inseparable pair, it’s almost impossible to talk about Timmy without also talking about Bucky. They were truly the best of friends. Timmy and Bucky’s transition to sanctuary life went relatively smoothly, and we were able to keep the lifelong buddies together as companions in their new home. Upon arrival, we discovered that both Timmy and Bucky would suck their thumbs as a way of comforting themselves or coping with stressful situations. As time passed and they felt safer and more secure in their new routine and home, this behavior disappeared altogether.

Timmy was loved by all who met him and captured everyone’s hearts with his handsome face and sweet personality. Timmy loved to be outside in the sun as often as possible and would even venture out during the winter months when the day was nice and sunny. He was very interested in many types of enrichment. He especially loved searching for snacks in piles of straw, munching on fresh foliage from the local edible trees, and scooping out and eating the seeds from pumpkins in the fall. Timmy had beautiful, bright eyes and dark olive and grey hair. With his tall and slender body and long tail, he was an excellent climber and jumper and remained very active in his enclosure throughout his life. He was an excellent bug catcher when he wanted a quick, crunchy snack, but was also very sweet and patient with local wildlife that wandered in or near his and Bucky’s enclosure.

Many years ago, the caregivers discovered that a small, non-venomous snake had wandered into Timmy and Bucky’s outdoor enclosure as it made its way through the forest. Although interested and very aware of this unique and unusual creature in his home, Timmy sat very calmly and watched the snake as it investigated the area. He knew that keeping his distance from the native snake was the appropriate behavior, but he also seemed to be truly engaged and fascinated as he observed it travel through his home and move along quietly back into the forest.

It has been an honor to care for Timmy for the past 10 years, and we are so grateful he had the chance to live the last years of his life with his best friend in a safe, peaceful and happy home. Timmy’s sweet soul, kind lip-smacks, and squeals of happiness were a joy to witness, and he will be dearly missed.