Former Resident

Mighty, a crested black macaque, was a former pet who lived at the PRC since 1995. Mighty was known for her Mohawk and friendly lip smack that greeted everyone as we walked by her enclosure. She was often seen basking in the warm sunshine and grooming. She was a confident, outgoing monkey, who was sometimes a bit bossy with her demands for grooming. However, she was so wonderful and patient in helping new arrivals learn about monkey behavior and communication.

Mighty lived with type 2 diabetes for many years. She was treated with insulin daily and cooperated with caregivers for that daily shot. Sadly, Mighty developed ketoacidosis, a serious condition related to diabetes. The disease had taken its toll on Mighty’s body. She passed away peacefully in the warm sunshine surrounded by her caregivers and staff that loved her. Mighty was such a fixture of the sanctuary that her passing is felt by many of those that loved and supported her over the years. Mighty, your beautiful smiling face will never be forgotten.