We recently launched our newest fundraiser on Facebook in hopes that all of our followers will take an active roll in providing sanctuary for the monkeys and apes at the PRC! It can be difficult to think about giving your hard earned cash to a charity, but we hope to show you that a little can go a long way! Many of our supporters are hesitant to give a small donation because they feel like it won’t matter but we are here to tell you that your gift matters no matter the size. Whether you can give $1, $5 or $500, the money that you give to the PRC always goes directly to the care of the monkeys and apes. When we all work together we can make a huge difference in the lives of these deserving primates. Your $5 combined with $5 from other supporters quickly adds up and gives us the ability to purchase food, enrichment and even medical equipment for the primates. Here are a few examples of what your support can provide: 


$15 – provides a 5lb bag of peanuts, which is a favorite snack for the chimps and monkeys.

$20 – provides 3 large Kong toys that the monkeys and apes all love! 

$50 – provides  one month’s worth of diabetes medication for Grady, a capuchin monkey. 

$75 – provides one day of food for the monkeys. 


When providing lifetime care to 9 chimpanzees and over 40 monkeys, the expenses are endless. Every dollar you give MATTERS. It matters to Zulu chimpanzee who will turn 50 years old next year and loves being able to enjoy all the kale and green onions her heart desires! It matters to Andi, a rhesus macaque who was rescued in 2015 and requires daily anxiety medication for the trauma of his past. It matters to Timmy and Bucky, two long tailed macaques who lived for years in a private home, and now enjoy living out their days grooming together in their spacious enclosure. All of those things are provided by you. If every person who could donate $5 assumes that their donation is not enough to make a difference think of how much the primates will miss out on! We receive no funding from the federal government or the state of Kentucky. We operate today because people like you believe in our cause and choose to give to provide sanctuary for these amazing animals. We hope that you will partner with us to provide sanctuary for every rescued monkey and ape at the PRC. 


You can give to our September Facebook fundraiser here.


You can sign up to be a Primate Pal for just $12.50 a month here.


You can donate directly through our website here, and you can even choose to make a recurring monthly donation of any amount through our website. 


Our members and supporters are the most generous people we know, and it is an honor for us to give the primates the gift of sanctuary that you provide! #YourGiftMatters