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The Primate Rescue Center is a nonprofit sanctuary providing lifetime care to nearly 50 primates, including a group of 9 chimpanzees and a variety of monkey species.

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We currently provide lifetime care and a safe haven for 9 chimpanzees and over 40 monkeys. In addition, we collaborate with a nationwide network of primate sanctuaries to rescue and relocate animals in need. Below are the latest updates from us here at the Primate Rescue Center.

We’re Not the Only Animals Who Feel Grief and Spirituality

We’re Not the Only Animals Who Feel Grief and Spirituality

It's clear that humans are not the only animals who experience grief and loss and it's narrowly and anthropocentrically arrogant to think we are.1 Along these lines, a new and wide-ranging transdisciplinary book titled Enter the Animal: Cross-species perspectives on grief and spirituality by Dr. Teya Brooks Pribac, an independent scholar and multidisciplinary artist who lives in the Australian Blue Mountains with sheep and other animals, convincingly argues that nonhumans experience loss and embodied experiences, and so do we because we're also animals.