Happy Valentine’s Day! At the Primate Rescue Center, we are so fortunate to have supporters who show us love. Whether it’s by sharing our social media posts, donating to our fundraisers or sending goodies for the primates – we feel the love! We are so grateful and we wanted to give you a look at some of the love that goes on around here every day.

Ciera lovingly grooms Luke.

Martina and Cory get silly when the kiddie pool comes out.

Sawyer, Jane and Bailey sit in a grooming chain.

Zulu whispers sweet nothings to her best pal Rodney.

Dewey and Bubbles nap in their heated indoor enclosure snuggled up together.

Ciera and Carlos kiss. 

Jenny and Dehlia hang out in the sunshine.

Rodney and Noelle go on adventures outside. 

Peanut and Louie enjoy snack time together.

Martina and Victoria sunbathe.

Opal and Jax groom between mealtimes. 

Each and every resident living at the sanctuary has been rescued from an unsuitable environment. Whether they were completely isolated, mistreated or lacked proper care, the monkeys and apes at the PRC come from traumatic pasts. Whenever we are able to successfully introduce rescued primates to others of their kind, it is a tremendously happy moment. Caregivers closely monitor newly introduced housemates, waiting for the moment when someone finally exclaims, “They’re grooming!” Seeing primates bond and connect with one another fills our hearts and reminds us why we do what we do!

On this day of love, we are happy to share the love that we have the pleasure of witnessing every day with our very special supporters! Happy Cupid’s Day!