The chimps are kissing winter goodbye and embracing sun-filled days spent lounging, grooming and playing in their massive outdoor enclosure. What better way to ring in springtime festivities than by throwing the first outdoor chimp party of the season? Our outstanding PRC volunteers donated brightly-colored, hard-boiled eggs and plastic eggs filled with nuts, dried fruit and other tasty treats to be hidden all over the chimps’ outdoor area. The gang had a blast racing through the grass, climbing platforms and searching high and low to grab up as many scrumptious eggs as they could get their hands on.

Donald (left), Vicky (right)


Noelle (left), Rodney (right)


Pozna (left), Zulu (right)

Out with the old and in with the new! The monkeys kick off the spring season with a home makeover in their outdoor enclosures. Enrichment from their previous set-up is switched out and replaced with enticing new structures to climb and explore. Swings, slides, water pools, perches and large plastic toys are just a glimpse of the variety that they will experience as the items are rotated between houses regularly during the warmer months.  Smaller toys such as balls and stuffed animals are added, along with the occasional surprise treat; Piñatas, frozen juice and forage pools filled with seeds, nuts and popcorn never fail to delight!

Capuchin monkey, Cysgo, feasts on the colorful picnic of fresh produce in his feed basket.

Java macaques, Luke (left) and Ciera (right), bond on a sunny afternoon while searching through the pine shavings in their forage pool.

Bubbles (left) and Zoe (right), Java macaques, enjoy puzzle-type toys that have lots of gears and gadgets to tinker with.

Luke can’t wait to break into his piñata and see what goodies await him!

Youngsters, Carlos (left, Java macaque) and Rainy (right, Rhesus macaque) cook up trouble in their freshly enriched enclosure.

Sulawesi macaques, Maggie (left) and Mandy (right) chatter to each other as they bask in the sunshine.