Formerly known as “Mystery Monkey 0805355,” Andi was quite the media darling when he was first captured while running loose in Bath County, Kentucky in 2015. Tattoos on his chest reveal a history in laboratory research, but there are many questions about Andi’s history that we may never fully understand.

When he arrived at the PRC, Andi was malnourished and very underweight. Luckily, he responded well to our intensive care. Eventually we discovered that his favorite foods are avocado and spinach. We give him as much of these treats as we can to help him maintain his weight and strength.

Andi started off very shy but he has gotten much more vibrant and comfortable with his surroundings as time goes by. He is very interested in new toys and his favorite enrichment activity is foraging for popcorn, nuts and berries in a large nest of straw. At the PRC, Andi is finally able to find peace and enjoy the pleasures of sanctuary life.