Bob is a former pet from Virginia who came to the PRC in 2009. He was under a year old when he arrived, so naturally this very rambunctious little guy spent most of his time bouncing around his enclosure and playing with toys. Now that Bob is no longer a baby he has settled down quite a bit, but still loves to cuddle up with a favorite blanket and stuffed toy just like he did when he was young. Bob is also one of the few monkey residents who truly enjoy taking a dip in a water pool. He will stand in the water and wade around then completely dunk his whole body in the water to cool off when the weather is hot. Bob is usually a quiet boy, but he occasionally will vocalize along with his neighbors and once he gets started he will do his classic vervet “bark” for a long while. Bob is always excited to see his caregivers, especially when they are bringing him his favorite foods of corn, grapes, bananas, and peanuts.