Cysgo arrived at the sanctuary in 2001 after having been caged for years without companionship in a human home in Midway, KY. Cysgo’s only comfort had been a small blanket. That isolation took its toll on tiny Cysgo, and he developed self-soothing stereotypical behaviors such as rocking and whimpering. Although these behaviors may never completely disappear, Cysgo is now a happy, healthy guy who loves his capuchin companions dearly and truly seems to enjoy his peaceful sanctuary life. Cysgo is still seen most days with a blanket in tow as he moves around his enclosure, but now he has the opportunity to groom his companions, forage for seeds and nuts, enjoy the sunshine, and eat all of his most favorite delicious and healthy foods each day. Cysgo loves to lounge in the front tunnel of his enclosure, or he climbs high up to one of the perches to spend time with his companions or take a nice nap.