Dehlia was given safe haven here in 2002 at the estimated age of two years old after being found abandoned in a vacant apartment in Washington, DC. As a result of the neglect, she arrived at the PRC malnourished and dangerously thin. But she’s since regained her lost weight, and these days this cheerful monkey actually shows a bit of a potbelly. Dehlia is a fairly shy monkey, but is very chatty with her caregivers and primate companions and loves to give a squeal hello when anyone passes by her enclosure. She also can be heard squealing with delight each morning when breakfast arrives – especially if there are bananas involved! Dehlia will go from basket to basket to scoop up as many bananas as she can find. She also loves to munch on seeds, nuts, and popcorn found in her forage pool. She makes quite a mess digging through the pine shavings to find the treats hidden underneath. In the afternoons Dehlia loves to nap with her primate friends, and can often be found snuggled up near one of them as she dozes off to sleep.