Dr. Ellen Furlong


Dr. Ellen Furlong is an Associate Professor in Psychology at her alma mater, Transylvania University. Ellen has long roots with the PRC, having volunteered and then worked part-time at the sanctuary while she was a student. Ellen teaches courses on animals and has team-taught travel courses on animal cognition and welfare with her father, Jack Furlong, a bioethicist and former PRC board member. Ellen also directs a research group exploring cognition in dogs and nonhuman primates. She has published papers and presented work at academic conferences on chimpanzee, orangutan, and dog cognition. Ellen recently authored an Audible/Great Courses book entitled Decoding Dogs: Inside the Canine Mind and a textbook on learning entitled Learning and Behavior. Her works have been featured in numerous media outlets including, most recently an ABC Australia documentary, A Dog’s World. Dr. Furlong joined the PRC board in August 2022.