Jake arrived at the PRC in 2003 after animal-control officers found him roaming a residential area of Cincinnati, Ohio. After an examination from our veterinarian, we estimated Jake was born in 1997. Jake’s former life may have been a mystery, but we soon discovered one of his pleasures – splashing in a plastic kiddie pool of water, in much the same way that wild Japanese Macaques bathe in hot springs. Jake is a rather quiet and shy monkey, but has adjusted well to the peacefulness of sanctuary life.

Jake likes to play with large stuffed animals, grooming them and dragging them lovingly around his enclosure. Never letting them out of his sight. He also loves to forage through straw or pine shavings for enriching snacks and toys.

Jake is one of the largest and most striking monkey residents at the PRC. His beautiful, long, silvery hair shimmers in the sunlight, and his eyes are wise and kind. We are so grateful that Jake found his peaceful forever home at the PRC.