Jane, who shares a birthday with her namesake Jane Goodall, was born on the property on April 3, 2006—an accidental product of the pairing of Dewey and Bailey. Although Jane was born into captivity, she is one of the only monkeys at the sanctuary who was lucky enough to be raised by her own mother. Jane is a fiesty girl, who despite being the youngest in her group has managed to rise to the alpha position amongst her companions. This means Jane gets first choice of fruits and veggies from her family’s breakfast mix, and she can displace her mother Bailey or brother Sawyer from any feed basket she chooses. She may be the boss, but Jane is a sweet girl and is very kind and loving toward her mother and brother. These three often engage in long grooming-train sessions that often end in a cuddly nap. Jane loves to play with enrichment, eat fresh honeysuckly browse, and is always quick to snap any peanuts out of the group’s forage pool or breakfast mix.