Junior is a former pet from Ohio who was surrendered to the PRC in 2014 when he was 17 years old. After having spent so many years of his life in a human home, Junior has understandably had some difficulty learning how to get along with monkey companions in a safe manner. However, Junior is a handsome and spunky fellow who loves to chat with his neighbors and watch all the happenings at the sanctuary. Most days Junior can be observed catching a quick nap in his favorite spot – a large rubber tub full of soft, cozy blankets. He also spends his nights bundled up in his tub, making a nice, big bed with all of his blankets and stuffed animals. He is quite the sweetheart to his caregivers and will lovingly lip-smack to them anytime they come by with food or enrichment for him, or even when he catches a glimpse of them from further away. Junior enjoys eating just about everything, but his favorite foods are grapes, sweet potatoes, apples and pistachios.