Maggie is a female Moor/Crested Black Macaque who is estimated to have been born in 1993. She was rescued by the PRC after having lived in a home in Missouri for five years. Her owners decided she needed the companionship of other monkeys rather than humans so that she could live a more normal monkey life amongst her kind.

Maggie is a very vocal monkey and likes to “chatter” to her companions, her caregivers, or any volunteers she sees around the property. She also enjoys digging for treats in her forage pool, although eventually, she decides to dump all the shavings out of the pool rather than digging through it.

Maggie is a very formidable and athletic girl, and she likes to make her presence known. She often will jump onto the climbing structures of her enclosure and shake them to let everyone know she is in charge. Maggie has very striking features and a strong, distinctive gaze when she is watching her neighbors or the local wildlife that pass by.

Maggie loves to carry new toys around her cage, especially balls, and her favorite foods to eat are apples, grapes, avocados, and peanuts.