Mojo arrived at the Primate Rescue Center in June 2021 after initially spending some time at Peaceable Primate Sanctuary in Indiana (beginning in September 2020) until we were ready to receive him. Mojo was placed in sanctuary care after many years living in a human home in Richmond, Kentucky. We estimate that Mojo was about 20 years old at the time of his arrival. Mojo is tall and thin, with not many teeth left, so we make sure to provide him with foods that he can easily chew and digest as well as extra supplements to his diet to keep him strong and healthy. Mojo currently lives with fellow long-tailed macaque Bubbles, and this pair are very cuddly and love to spend time grooming one another. They even like to hold hands! Mojo also loves blankets and stuffed animal toys, and you can often find him with a blanket wrapped around him and a stuffed toy under his arm, with Bubbles right by his side. We are so grateful that Mojo found his way to the PRC, and that he can live the rest of his life happily at the sanctuary with a companion he loves very much.