Peanut is a female capuchin monkey who we estimate to have been born in 2000. A law enforcement agent made an exchange for her while working undercover on a drug operation in Rowan County, Kentucky, then immediately called the Primate Rescue Center. When she was turned over to the sanctuary in 2011, she showed visible signs of neglect and isolation. She was in poor health and desperate for companionship.

Now, Peanut has plenty of primate friends in a group of four other capuchins. She was accepted into the group instantly, but formed the closest bond with Grady, one of the older males. Peanut and Grady started grooming each other from the very beginning and became close friends, even sharing food with each other. When they are given their dinners, both will take their meals to the top perch in their enclosure to pick and choose what they want from each other’s cups. With all the good food and companionship, Peanut is now the picture of health.

Peanut loves to spend time in her outdoor enclosure. She likes to forage for seeds and catch bugs, and she always has a blanket or stuffed animal nearby to snuggle with during an afternoon nap.