Rainey is a female rhesus macaque who we estimate to have been born in late 2012. She was confiscated from a private home in Idaho and spent some time at a nearby zoo for medical evaluation before making her way to her forever home at the Primate Rescue Center in February 2014.

Because Rainey had been taken from her real monkey mother at such a young age, she did not receive the crucial guidance and support needed to learn how to behave appropriately around others of her kind. It took her some time to figure out all the social rules and behaviors, and how to make friends.

These days, Rainey is thriving with her new primate friends. She is quite the spunky girl and is full of energy! She loves to climb, swing, and bounce around her house all day. She is very sweet and strives to be the center of attention in her monkey group. Rainey also has a BIG appetite, and moves quickly from basket to basket to choose all her favorite fruits and vegetables. Grapes, avocados, peanuts, bananas, cherry tomatoes, and sweet potato are a few of her favorites.

We are so excited for Rainey to be able to live the rest of her life in a safe environment, with other monkeys, rather than having to endure life as a pet.