Sawyer is a male rhesus macaque who was born on April 15, 2005. We know his exact birthdate because Sawyer was actually born at the sanctuary to Dewey and Bailey. We vasectomize all the males at the Primate Rescue Center to prevent breeding, but Dewey’s surgery was unsuccessful. Actually, the surgery failed twice; Sawyer has a younger sister, Jane, who was also born to Dewey and Bailey. Sawyer and his sister have had a chance at something most of our residents were denied: the chance to be raised by their own mother. Sawyer still lives with his sister and mother Bailey, but Dewey was moved to live with another monkey at the sanctuary after Sawyer and Dewey were no longer able to live together peacefully.

Because Sawyer and Jane were never raised or handled by humans, they are quite indifferent to the caregivers and are perfectly content to spend their time with each other. Sawyer is a very quiet monkey who loves to observe his neighbors and sunbathe in his outdoor enclosure. He keeps watch over his sister and mother and alerts the group when caregivers are on their way with tasty fruits and vegetables. Sawyer is a very tall and lanky monkey, with a sweet face and kind eyes. He loves to groom his mother and sister and the group will often end up in a grooming “train” so that no one is left out.