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“No Retirement in Sight for Aging Research Chimpanzee”

Jenny Compton September 30, 2011

PRC Executive Director April Truitt shares her thoughts on the retirement of chimpanzees with the The Atlanta-Journal Constitution in this story about Wenka, a 57-year-old chimpanzee used at Emory University's Yerkes National Primate Research Center. Click here to read Wenka's story.


By Barbara Diaz on October 02, 2011

The refusal to let Wenka, 57year old chimpanzee employed at Emory University is a crime and the people responsible for keeping her hostage are criminals against humanity and animals.  How would they like to see their family member be forced to “work” until they drop, which I am sure Wenka has dropped many times after being experimented on.  Please have a heart and a conscience and allow this girl to retire humanely so that she can be taken to a santuary and be loved, pampered and spoiled and near her own kind.  Thank you.  WE CANNOT LOSE OUR HUMANITY.  WHAT ELSE WOULD BE LEFT.

By Jorge on October 07, 2011

This is really good advice. i also like this! thanks so much for this post!

By Ann Witherington on December 05, 2011

As a biologist and educator I urge you to have compassion.

By Joe Erwin on December 18, 2011

April, it was good talking with you recently. As you know, I feel strongly that much remains to be learned from chimpanzees, and just as strongly that humane care and good environments are essential. Why can we not find a way of behavioral and health monitoring and excellence in care that is acceptable to all of us and good for the chimpanzees? Let’s talk more about this.

By Jason on February 11, 2012

That’s just some very nice stuff published right here. I thank you for fantastic information. I ‘m writing a research paper about national politics and your web site helped a great deal. Cheers!

By Johan on April 19, 2012

Wenka’s story is amazing to read. I think whatever Truitt shout out about retirement is instructive and meaningful as well.  I’ll spread such info with others. Thanks

By Arron Greenwood on April 21, 2012

PRC Executive Director April Truitt shares her thoughts seems to me very splendid. Looks like very impressive thought though I’m impressed through reading this post. smile

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