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What’s up with the Peafowl?

Brandi Hunt November 01, 2013

It’s simple: Peafowl, commonly known as Peacocks (male) and Peahens (female) play an essential role at the PRC. We currently have about 12 peafowl on the PRC grounds. They help us with our general clean up around the monkey enclosures by eating the discarded food items that the monkeys drop to the ground. This keeps the carestaff from having to worry about other little critters, like rodents, populating the grounds in search for the leftover food. Most of our monkey enclosures sit up off the ground so, when food falls through, the peacocks are right here to clean up the mess. Our peafowl are very popular during our annual member event as well where they display their beautiful feathers.  Who wouldn't want to have them around?                                     


By Vanessa Ruda on November 14, 2013

That is such a great idea! We have chickens on our farm that live alongside our goats. They love all kinds of food that would ordinarily go down the garbage disposal, in the garden or composted.

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