This week the PRC joins in celebrating National Volunteer Week; a time to appreciate the dedicated individuals who continue to give their time, energy and support through volunteering at our sanctuary. The volunteer program at the PRC has grown over the years, and offers volunteers the opportunity to help either on-site or off-site, for both short-term and long-term commitments.

Our on-site animal care, administrative, and grounds keeping volunteer program currently boasts a team of 14 individuals who work alongside the sanctuary staff on a wide variety of tasks, including food preparation, cleaning, enrichment, general sanctuary beautification, and office duties. Members of this team include Veteran Volunteers (those who have dedicated more than one full year of service), those who have dedicated more than 6-months of service, and our newest recruits.

  • Melissa Firestone – Veteran Volunteer since May 2003
  • Wally Littell – Veteran Volunteer since July 2006
  • Cheryl Parson- Veteran Volunteer since October 2006
  • Gina Lyons – Veteran Volunteer since November 2009
  • Amie LeMaster – Veteran Volunteer since October 2011
  • Janet Spare- Veteran Volunteer since November 2011
  • Chelsea Weaver – Veteran Volunteer since February 2012
  • Lisa Scott – Volunteer since June 2012
  • Clare Ezar – Volunteer since June 2012
  • Donna Reynolds – Volunteer since August 2012
  • Robert Resch – Volunteer since August 2012
  • Beth Goldenberg – Volunteer since October 2012
  • Mary Broach – Volunteer since December 2012
  • Heather Bridges – Volunteer since December 2012

Our off-site volunteer crew consists of 3 individuals who help the sanctuary and its residents from home by keeping our website updated, creating enrichment, helping with fund raising, stuffing pamphlets, and soliciting items from local businesses to use for the auction and raffle at our Annual Member Event.

  • Retta Ritchie-Holbrook – Veteran Volunteer since November 2010 (also former on-site volunteer)
  • Chelsea Southworth – volunteering since September 2011
  • Erin Pyrek – volunteering since November 2012

Because the PRC relies on donations to care for our residents, we hold various fund-raising events to help us spread the word of our mission.  We participate annually in local events (Earth Day Festival, Joseph Beth Gift Wrapping, Free Friday Flix at Jacobson Park, etc.), as well as holding our largest fund-raising event here at the sanctuary when we open our doors for our Annual Member Event. We rely heavily on volunteers to help us with these events and keep things running smoothly, and generally call on a loyal group of 50-60 individuals who are eager to help each year by giving their time and volunteering.

Within our volunteer program we also have opportunities for individuals from out-of-town to come and volunteer with us on-site for a minimum of one month as an Out-of-Town Volunteer, as well as openings for professionals in a number of fields to offer up their expertise in areas such as landscaping, painting, organizing, housekeeping, and carpentry by becoming a Volunteering Professional.

The PRC would not be the sanctuary it is today without the support of our volunteers. We love our volunteers, and are so thankful to have them with us to help give our resident monkeys and chimps peaceful, enriching lives. Happy National Volunteer Week to all our volunteers, and thank you for volunteering.