It’s that time again…

The apes and monkeys have been good all year and are hoping that their Chimpmas wishes will come true! Everyone thought long and hard about what they would love most this year and we have put together their list here. Many of the items they are asking for are familiar favorites that are hoped for year after year because they love them so much. We hope you will enjoy reading their holiday wishes and making their Chimpmas dreams come true!

Martina is asking for some large brown paper that she can use to make her nests! Martina loves to make nests with paper and straw and share them with Jenny in their playroom. She especially loves sturdy brown contractor paper to make sure her nest is nice and full! You can purchase Martina’s gift here.

Victoria is asking for pumpkin seeds this year! She enjoys eating pumpkin seeds for a snack and loves when her caregivers add them to lunch recipes. You can purchase Victoria’s gift here.

Donald is asking for baby dolls again this year! Baby dolls continue to be one of Donald’s favorite toys, year after year. He loves to carry them around and even takes them into his hammock when he’s ready for a nap. You can purchase Donald’s gift here.

Jenny is asking for some fun wall decals this year. Jenny loves when her caregivers put stickers and decals around the chimps’ playroom, so she will be so excited to look at some fun new stickers. You can purchase Jenny’s gift here.

Ike is asking for coconuts this year. Ike has lots of favorite foods, but coconuts are always at the top of his list! He loves to get creative with opening them – sometimes banging them on the ground until they crack, and other times throwing them across the room! You can purchase Ike’s gift here.

Rodney is asking for some pool noodles this year. Roney seems to never tire of playing with these fun foam noodles. He waves them around and loves initiating a game with Ike by bopping him on the head with a noodle or two! You can purchase Rodney’s gift here.

Zulu is asking for the biggest, coziest stuffed animal she could find! Zulu loves to snuggle up with stuffed animals – especially when it’s cold outside. You can purchase Zulu’s gift here.


Noelle is asking for some new cozy slippers. Noelle loves all shoes, but she is especially fond of slippers and boots! Wearing these cozy slippers are sure to make her holiday bright! You can purchase Noelle’s gift here.

The monkeys got together and decided that they all wanted more peanuts! These tasty, crunchy, protein-packed snacks are pretty much at the top of everyone’s list of favorite foods, so they would love for the sanctuary’s cabinets to be filled to the top with more peanuts. You can purchase the monkeys’ gift here.

You can also view our entire Amazon Wishlist here.

Merry Chimpmas everyone, and a Happy New Year!