When most people think about donating money to help care for the primates at the PRC they think of food and toys – and while those things are very important, there is another slightly smellier part that you might not realize… We always want to make sure that the animals in our care have clean environments to live in and the leftover food, straw, paper, and lets just say it…the poop…has to go somewhere! We use our utility vehicle to transport these waste items to our compost pile and when our vehicle breaks down it’s no easy feat hauling everything away on our 30 acre property. We have had the same utility vehicle for over 10 years, and it has broken down several times over the last few years. When that happens, our staff has to load up wheelbarrows and haul loads of compost on foot, which takes significantly more time and cuts into time that could be spent on other tasks. But keeping the animals healthy and happy is our #1 goal, so we will happily do whatever it takes! 

We are so excited and honored to announce that we were recently awarded a grant from the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels (HOKC) towards the purchase of a new utility vehicle! We are incredibly grateful to the Colonels for supporting the sanctuary and our mission to care for the apes and monkeys. Their generous donation covered half the cost of this essential new vehicle. 

In order to raise the second half of the necessary funds, we reached out to our supporters with a Facebook fundraiser and asked for their help to raise the remaining $3000 so that we could purchase a new vehicle by the end of this year. Considering how amazing our donors are, we shouldn’t have been surprised to see that we raised the entire amount in less than 2 weeks!

We truly cannot express just how grateful we are to the Kentucky Colonels and our Facebook supporters. Their generosity will allow us to continue to maintain the primates enclosures properly and efficiently.