Nestled in a wooded valley next to the Jessamine creek, the nearly 30 acres of sanctuary property at the PRC is quite a bit of land to maintain. On top of the mowing, weed eating, mulching, and almost constant leaf and walnut removal in the fall, we must also work to control the spread of weeds.

We recently started treating weeds with a more natural, homemade solution. This way we remove the harmful toxic chemicals and can treat areas in closer proximity to the primates’ enclosures (we still take precautions to prevent any primates from having direct contact with the solution during our applications). This method of killing weeds also reduces the plastic waste from store bought solutions because we can refill a reusable plastic pump sprayer each time we mix up the solution. Be sure to always label your solutions for storage, and store in a cool, dark area.

Here is the recipe that we use around our property that will work great for any job you have. Keep in mind that this recipe will kill grass too, so be careful when using this around areas you do not want treated.

-1 gallon of white vinegar
-1 cup of table salt
-1 tbsp of liquid dish soap