Fall is upon us. The shortened days, crisp, cooler air, and the changing landscape from bold green to shades of warm amber, deep scarlet and sepia gold mark the beginning of many changes and inspirations at the sanctuary. The nutrition and enrichment programs at the sanctuary get a fresh dose of fall flavors, with the addition of seasonal fruits, vegetables, and spices that call up the feeling of comfort and nostalgia. Hearty apples, giant pumpkins, delicious sweet potatoes, crisp pears and eye-catching gourds, all paired with cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves are featured prominently in the primate’s diets these days, as many of these items are donated in abundance this time of year.

The Primate Rescue Center’s Primate Pal sponsors recently received an exclusive update about all the fun fall activities at the sanctuary. You can help us reach our goal of 180 Primate Pal sponsorships by becoming a Primate Pal today, and get in on the next exclusive update coming in December. Here’s a look at some of the amazing photos captured of the primate residents enjoying all the exciting enrichment this season has to offer.


The monkeys had a blast opening up their very own pumpkins to find fresh pumpkin seeds, nuts, crackers and popcorn inside.

Ciera long-tailed macaque

Maggie Sulawesi macaque

Timmy long-tailed macaque

Andi rhesus macaque

Norman capuchin

Some of the primates enjoyed chowing down on fresh gourds and squashes.

Bailey rhesus macaque

Bisou spider monkey

Breanna rhesus/long-tailed macaque

Jenny Siamang gibbon

Apples straight from the orchard were a delicious snack for many of the monkeys.

Zoe long-tailed macaque

Jax long-tailed macaque

Junior long-tailed macaque

Sawyer rhesus macaque

Opal long-tailed macaque

The chimps had an exciting Halloween party, complete with spooky decorations, pumpkins, nuts, juice treats and popcorn!

Cory chimpanzee

Ike chimpanzee

Noelle chimpanzee

Victoria chimpanzee