The hot summer days have arrived here at the PRC! With many days exceeding 90°, we are making sure all of the residents are staying cool and enjoying some summer fun.

Noelle enjoys snacking on frozen slices of jackfruit.


Jenny runs through the cool mist coming from the fan.


Cory savors every drop of his frozen juice slushy.

The chimps enjoy beating the heat with their misting fan. Ike loves rolling in the mist! They also take naps in the shade or inside during the hottest times of the day. We make certain they always have access to plenty of water and pass out frozen juice bottles or treats. The chimpanzees like to let their juice bottle melt just a little so they can enjoy a juicy slushy. Even something as simple as slices of frozen jack fruit or ice cubes gets the whole gang excited.

 Grady squeezes all of the greek yogurt out of frozen tubes.


Timmy enjoys snacking on frozen cubed watermelon.

The monkeys also love frozen treats! In addition to their daily servings of fruits, vegetables, leafy greens and nuts, caregivers refill their water bottles with ice cold water and pass out frozen treats on hot afternoons. In the heat, no one can resist eating the yummy frozen enrichment that our volunteers have made. All of the primates really love frozen tubes filled with berries and Greek yogurt. Cubed up watermelon was another favorite!

Ciera’s hair is drenched after she emerges from a dip in her water tub.

Some of the monkeys like to play in the water when it’s hot. Each group has a small forage pool in their enclosure that can be filled with cool water. They love foraging for frozen grapes and blueberries in their pools. Others like splashing in the water, throwing their toys in it, or even soaking their chow in the water at dinner time. When playtime is over, the residents’ relish sleeping in their shady spots and enjoying the breeze we get here in the valley.

Cinnamon hangs out on his shady rock pile.

The goats like to hang out in the shade when the temperature rises. They often nap in their shed, or up on the shady rock pile by the creek to beat the heat. And of course, they lap up plenty of cool water.

Anabelle stays cool in the shady grass.

Anabelle, our resident dog, loves to lay in the shade or on the cool floor of the staff room during the day. She also knows when it’s time for the caregivers to eat lunch and she is always the first one heading for a break in the air conditioning!


It is and always will be our mission to make sure that each and every resident at the PRC is happy and comfortable. Keeping 50 primates, 3 goats and 1 dog cool this summer has been a task but it’s one we are always happy to do!