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Get to know one of our residents while supporting his or her daily needs through a symbolic adoption

By becoming a Primate Pal you will help support the medical, nutritional and enrichment needs of one of our residents for an entire year. Your adoption package includes a photo and certificate suitable for framing and a one-year family membership. We will also send you updates on how your Primate Pal is doing so you can get to know more about his/her daily activities and life at the sanctuary.

Primate Pal sponsorships can be given as gifts. The gift recipient will receive the adoption kit and updates on how their primate is doing. The symbolic adoption is a fun and educational gift for children, and also great for adults who love wildlife.

100% of your sponsorship goes toward supporting your Primate Pal. All annual adoptions are $150 and can be paid in full or in monthly installments.

Documents will be emailed to international Primate Pals.

How to Become a Primate Pal FAQs About Primate Pals

Dewey Rhesus Macaque

Select Your Primate

Adopt for a Year

(you can pay in full or in monthly installments)

Receive Adoption Kit & Year Round Updates

Meet Some of Our Primates

Barbary Macaque

Saidah About me ADOPT

Pigtail Macaque

Opie About me ADOPT

Japanese Macaque

Hope About me ADOPT

Long-Tailed Macaque

Timmy About me ADOPT

Rhesus Macaque

Andi About me ADOPT

Long-Tailed Macaque

Carlos About me ADOPT


Ike About me ADOPT


Zulu About me ADOPT

Capuchin Monkey

Norman About me ADOPT
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