Here at the Primate Rescue Center, our mission is to alleviate the suffering of primates wherever it occurs. We care for nearly 50 primates who have been rescued from the pet trade, the entertainment industry and from experimental laboratories. We are dedicated to providing these amazing animals with the freedom, hope and happiness that they deserve. Although we are the ones delivering them a lifetime of care, it is our loyal and passionate supporters who provide these primates with the gift of sanctuary.

Since we are a non-profit organization, we depend solely on the generosity of donors. We are participating in Kentucky Gives Day on May 22nd. On this day, non-profits and charities across Kentucky will encourage their supporters from all over to donate by participating in this 24-hour online fundraising campaign.

Your gift during Kentucky Gives Day helps monkeys like Cysgo, who arrived at the PRC after being caged for years without companionship, his only comfort a blanket. That isolation took its toll in the form of rocking and whimpering, but after months of bonding with his monkey-mates, those tics gradually gave way to more typical monkey behavior. Cysgo now enjoys the company of 4 other capuchin monkeys and loves spending time outside in the sunshine!

It is our goal to spread our mission and raise sufficient funding in order to continue rescuing and rehabilitating primates. We need your help providing these animals with the life they deserve. You can give the gift of sanctuary on Kentucky Gives Day with your donation to the Primate Rescue Center.