Judging from the backlash CareerBuilder has received for reviving their exploitive use of chimpanzees in their recent Super Bowl ad – I was not the only one disgusted to see Great Apes returning to the Super Bowl ad line-up after a four year hiatus. We've featured several relevant articles and editorials on our In the News page.

It was no surprise when the usual suspects – PETA & HSUS – were among the loudest voices condemning the abusive practice of using apes as actors. But when the brave folks at Advertising Age stepped up and called out CareerBuilder for their poor decision making, I couldn't help but jump up and cheer!

We rightly expect the big humane groups to be familiar with the cruel practices surrounding the acquisition and disposal of Great Apes in entertainment – that's their world. However, when a major ad industry trade publication points out that eighteen ad agencies have agreed to stop using live apes in the commercials they produce, well that starts to feel like real progress.

It's simply no longer fashionable – or funny – to use and abuse our closest cousins in this way.

In the not-to-distant future, I fully expect that we'll see a complete end to the exploitation of Great Apes as entertainers.

In the meantime, please do your part:
DON'T patronize companies who exploit animals to sell goods or services;
DO tell them why you won't be buying what they're selling;
DON'T attend circuses who use Great Apes or other performing animals;
DO tell your friends and family why they shouldn't attend either;
DON'T hesitate to applaud and support vendors and service providers whose marketing practices you agree with;
DO be loud and proud – the “Good Guys” need to know you care!