It’s our favorite time of year – Chimpmas is almost here! The chimps thought long and hard about what they wanted to ask for, and we have compiled their list here. Take a look at their wish lists, and maybe you can make a Chimpmas wish come true!

Donald is asking for some new plastic bottles to use for his warm tea. Donald loves drinking warm tea all year round, and these water bottles make it easy for his caregivers to get him his favorite treat! You can purchase Donald’s gift here:

Ike is asking for a new Jolly Ball this year. Ike loves throwing these sturdy balls around in the playroom. They are a favorite for both him and Rodney!  You can purchase Ike’s gift here:

Rodney is asking for some pool noodles. With or without a pool, Rodney loves playing with these fun foam noodles. He swings them around to play with his best pal Ike! You can purchase Rodney’s gifts here:

Martina is asking for some new foam floor mats. She loves using these mats to make her nests at nights!  You can purchase Martina’s gift here:

Victoria is asking for mixed nuts this year. She loves making a big nest and relaxing with some nuts for an afternoon snack! You can purchase Victoria’s gift here:

Noelle is asking for some new rain boots this year. Noelle loves all kinds of boots, but rain boots seem to always be her favorite! You can purchase Noelle’s gifts here:

Zulu is asking for a new pillow pet. She loves snuggling up with these fluffy friends on a cold winter night!  You can purchase Zulu’s gift here:

Jenny is asking for some new board books. Jenny loves looking through books and seems to particularly love brightly colored board books! You can purchase Jenny’s gifts here:  (a few options)

We can’t forget our monkey friends this holiday season! The monkeys got together and decided to ask for some Frisbees that their caregivers can use to make fun enrichment! You can purchase their gift here:

If you are sponsoring one of our residents through the Primate Pal Program, we have sent out a list of gift ideas for your Pal in the latest update! You can find any of these gift ideas on our Primate Pal Amazon Wishlist here: 

Thank you so much for your support, and Merry Chimpmas