Within the sanctuary’s volunteer program, we have a unique category of supporters who help the primates from afar by making enrichment and fun recipes from their very own homes and then delivering those items to the sanctuary. These Off-Site Volunteers are a vital part of our volunteer team, keeping our freezer, cupboards, and enrichment shed stacked with interesting items for the primates to play with, tear apart, smell, chew on, look at, and gulp down.

Kaile Short, a former PRC 2014 Summer Intern, has also been an Off-Site Volunteer for many years and has become an expert at making piñatas for the primates. These piñatas are stuffed with seeds, nuts and dried fruit to make for an excellent snack once busted open. 



Jordan Hill became an Off-Site Volunteer in February 2016, and has made several tasty frozen treats for the chimps and monkeys. Her last batch of “Apple Pies,” which is a little oatmeal topped with applesauce and cinnamon then frozen in small paper cups, was a huge hit with the chimps!


Veteran On-Site Volunteer Cheryl Parson set up a baked goods table at her yard sale to raise money and awareness for the chimps.

Off-Site Volunteers can also support the PRC by hosting a donation drive or fundraiser at their school, business or home. Dinner parties, car washes, yard sales, bake sales, and many more are fun and interesting ways to raise money or in-kind donations of needed supplies for our residents.

We are so thankful to have these and other Off-Site Volunteers give of their time to help us provide a peaceful, well-rounded, interesting, and happy life to the PRC residents.

Anyone interested in helping the PRC from home should look into our Off-Site Volunteer Program by visiting the website and filling out an application today!