One of the tasks we look forward to at the PRC is making lunch and dinner for the primates. We have created a Daily Cookbook full of special, creative recipes that the staff has formulated to be healthy and nutritious for our residents. These recipes are measured to feed lunch for the chimps and a smaller portion to the monkeys for dinner. Most of our recipes look and smell so delicious that the staff and volunteers always want to try a bite! Each day is always different from the next and our residents never get the same meal over several weeks. Our staff just loves to invent new recipes, so we are always adding to our cookbook! Below is definitely a favorite for our chimps and monkeys, and we would like to share it with you! Try it at home and see what you think! Remember, this is a large portion (feeding 50 primates) so you may need to cut it down.


Crunchy Pear and Apple Yogurt

~10 Cups Pears

~5 Cups Apples

~270 grams Pretzels

~4 cups of Greek Yogurt

Cut Apples and Pears into 1-inch pieces. Add pretzels and yogurt. Mix well and serve!