The Primate Rescue Center believes in encouraging careers in compassion for animals. We have a vibrant short-term internship program that has hosted interns from locations locally, nationally and internationally. However, those 12-week sessions fly by and as soon as these interns are fully trained and completely familiar with our policies, our routine, and our primates, they have to return to their school or home. These interns provide the PRC with an extraordinary service that is certainly valuable to both the PRC and the intern. However, we wanted to expand that beneficial relationship and have created another internship opportunity.

The PRC One-Year Internship is an opportunity designed to provide individuals interested in a career with primates with significant training and exposure to the field of primate husbandry. This internship will allow individuals to build their resumes and work side by side with experienced care staff. These interns will have a unique experience by living on the PRC property in a spacious studio apartment with a window overlooking the Chimp House Play Room where they can observe the chimpanzees building their nests for the evening or foraging through the straw during meal times.


Interns assist the care staff with various daily tasks, including meal preparation, enclosure maintenance and cleaning, enrichment design and construction, and the general upkeep of the grounds, work areas, and facilities. The PRC looks for individuals who are dependable, hardworking, self-motivated, positive, and team-oriented.


This internship opportunity is a 52-week commitment, working full-time (40 hours per week) and earns a weekly stipend of $50.00. It is the perfect opportunity for individuals looking to begin a career in primate husbandry. This opportunity is only open to one individual at a time; so if you are interested, do not wait to apply.

We are currently accepting applications.
Please follow the link below to learn more about the program and download an application.