Get to know one of the PRC residents while supporting their daily needs through a symbolic adoption.

As a nonprofit sanctuary, our fundraising efforts can never cease! Although we are incredibly grateful that each resident at the PRC now has a Pal, we will always welcome more Pals to help us sponsor these amazing individuals. On average, one year of sanctuary for a chimpanzee costs over $14,000 and we need more Primate Pal sponsors to help us afford these expenses! We currently have 148 Primate Pal sponsors. We’ve set a goal to get to 180 Pals by the end of the year. It is our mission to be able to provide for the apes and monkeys we have rescued for the rest of their lives and we simply cannot do this without your help! 



Our Primate Pals program is a great way to support the PRC by sponsoring the care of a primate for one year. By becoming a Primate Pal you will help support the medical, nutritional and enrichment needs of one of the sanctuary residents for an entire year. With your sponsorship, you will receive an initial adoption package that includes a 5×7 photo and bio of your pal, a certificate suitable for framing and a one-year family membership to the Primate Rescue Center, allowing you to attend our Annual Member Event in the spring or early summer!



We will also send you updates about your Pal throughout the year so that you can keep up with their activities and life at the sanctuary. Most of these updates will include a recent photo of your chosen primate pal, along with a note about your pal’s activities during each season.


All of Peanut’s Pals received this photograph of her enjoying a frozen tube of Greek yogurt!


Rodney’s Pals got this photograph of him having fun at a summer party. 


Sometimes we’re even able to get a short video of your Pal!



Primate Pal sponsorships can be given as gifts as well. The gift recipient will receive the adoption package and updates on how their Primate Pal is doing. The symbolic adoption is a fun and educational gift for children, and also great for adults who love wildlife.


Adoption packages arrive in the mail usually within 10-14 days of sponsorship and further updates can be sent through the mail or email.


Another great thing about Primate Pal sponsorships is that you can choose to donate for the entire year with one payment of $150, or you can break that into twelve donations of $12.50 that are automatically deducted each month. Once your 1-year sponsorship is nearing the end you will receive a notification allowing you to choose to continue your sponsorship uninterrupted for an additional year or make any changes to your sponsorship.


Many of our Primate Pal sponsors love the program so much that they have continued to support their beloved Pal year after year. Here’s what some of our Primate Pals have to say about their experience:


Having been supporters of the PRC for a number of years, we have always been thankful for the support they give to our primate friends. However, since becoming PRC Primate Pals, it has given us a sense of closeness and personal involvement with our Primate Pal, Peanut. – Robert and Julie Scott, Peanut capuchin’s Pals since 2013


As a Primate Pal, I know that my donations help Rodney to maintain good health, it guarantees him nutritious foods, offers him companionship, and gives him happiness. In addition, my participation supports the amazing dedicated staff at the PRC. – LaFoun Fellows, Rodney chimpanzee’s Pal since 2013


Becoming a Primate Pal is easy! Check out our website, click on any of the primate residents’ bios, then click “Become My Pal” to access their adoption form. You can also call us at (859) 858-4866 or email us at and we will get your sponsorship set up today! You can sponsor Peanut or Rodney by clicking their photographs below.