It’s our favorite time of year – Chimpmas is almost here! The chimps thought long and hard about what they wanted to ask for and we have compiled their list here. Take a look at their wish lists… maybe you can make a Chimpmas wish come true!

Donald is asking for a new Hol-ee Roller toy! This sturdy toy is great for the chimps, and Donald loves throwing it around with his pals Ike and Rodney.

Victoria is asking for some new bath toys and washcloths. She loves when we fill up small pools or tubs with water, and she will spend lots of time dipping her washcloths in the water and playing with her bath toys.

Zulu is asking for some flavored cheese blocks. While we don’t give the chimps a lot of dairy, one of Zulu’s favorite occasional treats is cheese! You can make her holiday a little brighter by getting her favorite flavors!

Ike is asking for some coconuts. Ike has gotten his coconut cracking skills down to a science, and he’s ready to put them to use! The chimps all love snacking on whole coconuts, and Ike is really looking forward to this Chimpmas treat!

Rodney is asking for new paint and paint brushes. Rodney loves art time, and he has made some beautiful paintings! He is ready to keep practicing his art skills, and to paint some new pieces for everyone to enjoy!

Cory is asking for some nesting buckets. He loves to stack these buckets, and he is also an expert at using them to make noise! Cory can take any toy and find the loudest way to use it, and these buckets seem to be his favorites!

Noelle is asking for some new gloves and some essential oils. She loves when he caregivers give her gloves to play with. She will carry them around for days and even put them on her hands. And she loves smelling different essential oils in the diffuser! She will sit in the window and watch the mist for hours.

Martina is asking for a giant stuffed animal. Martina loves all things cozy and warm, and she is great at building nests. She uses these giant stuffed animals to sleep on and adds them to her nests for some extra cozy napping!

Jenny is asking for some new hair and makeup brushes. She loves feeling the soft makeup brushes on her skin, and brushing her hair!


We can’t forget our monkeys friends this holiday season! The monkeys got together and decided to ask for some mixed nuts to share!


You can find all of these gift ideas on our Amazon Wish List.


Thank you so much for your support and Merry Chimpmas!