If you follow the Primate Rescue Center on social media, you probably know that every year around Christmas we like to put together a “Chimpmas list” for the chimps! This year the chimps thought long and hard about what they would like, and then compiled a list of their favorite snacks and toys to brighten up their holiday season!  We shared each Chimpmas wish on our Facebook page, but in case you missed it, here is the complete list!

Donald: Mixed Nuts – Donald is a master forager! He loves to scavenge for hidden treats in the tall grasses of the outdoor enclosure. Mixed nuts are an absolute favorite of his, and they would surely entice him to spend the entire day foraging with glee! You can find Donald’s gift here.

Zulu: Essential oil diffuser – Zulu enjoys spending the cold winter days inside. She would really enjoy the comforting aroma of essential oils to keep her calm and relaxed, and to put her in the mood for a long winter's nap! You can find Zulu’s gift here.

Victoria: Bamboo wind chime – The peaceful sound of a bamboo wind chime would make Victoria fill with holiday cheer! Victoria's curious and graceful personality calls for a distinguished and complex gift. She will surely enjoy not only listening to the delicate chime, but also examining the instrument to detect how the beautiful sound is made!  You can find Victoria’s gift here.

Martina: Giant stuffed animal – For Donald's birthday party, the chimps were given a large stuffed monkey. Although everyone took turns playing, Martina was absolutely in love with it! She spent hours snuggling and cuddling with the stuffed monkey. This gift will fill her with holiday joy! You can find Martina’s gift here.

Ike: Coconuts – If there is anything that Ike likes more than playing with the other boys, it is cracking open a fresh coconut! He uses his arm strength to throw the coconuts so high into the air that when they land back on the ground they immediately crack open! These tasty coconuts are sure to make Ike very merry! You can find Ike’s gift here.

Noelle: Rain boots – Noelle is a true fashionista! She often asks her caregivers to show her their shoes, and if given shoes for enrichment, she will carry them around for days. These rain boots are guaranteed to make it a happy holiday for Noelle! You can find Noelle’s gift here.

Jenny: Frisbees – Jenny loves to play with Frisbees! She balances them between her lips, and flips them up to cover her face when she is feeling particularly silly. Most of her favorites have gotten pretty worn down, so a new, fabulous Frisbee is just the key to a jolly Jenny! You can find Jenny’s gift here.

Rodney: Fire truck toy – Rodney likes to examine different textures and colors, so this toy fire truck is right up his alley! Since this will surely be a coveted toy amongst the chimps, Rodney will have to find a way to ho-ho-hold onto this cool gift! You can find Rodney’s gift here.

Cory: Tambourine – Cory is a drummer at heart and knocks against various parts of his enclosure to make cool beats. This neat tambourine will be the perfect gift for the young percussionist to practice his skills! You can find Cory’s gift here.

And there you have it – Chimpmas list 2016!

As you are shopping for everyone on your list, don’t forget that adopting a primate through our Primate Pals program is a great gift idea! Each adoption package includes a photo and certificate, as well as a family membership and periodic updates about your new pal! You can pick out a Primate Pal here, and make a one-time payment of $150 for the year, or pay in monthly installments.


Merry Chimpmas, from all of us at the PRC!