The Primate Rescue Center’s volunteer and intern programs are thriving as we continue to add new faces to the roster each year. These dedicated and hardworking individuals are an essential part of our caregiving team and help us meet our goal of providing excellent care to the primates who live at the PRC. Here’s a look at the newest volunteers and interns to join the team:



Michael Staples is an On-Site Animal Care Intern from Lexington, KY who travels to the sanctuary three times each week to volunteer. Michael joined the team in July 2019 as a volunteer and has so far accumulated 391 hours after 6 months of dedicated service. Michael recently transitioned to a Part-time Internship position where he continues to gain even more experience working at a non-profit primate sanctuary.



Alex Voorhees became an On-Site Animal Care Volunteer in September 2019. Traveling from Georgetown, KY, Alex volunteers with us on Thursday afternoons and after 4 months he has accumulated 28 hours of dedicated volunteer service.



Cindi Brown is an Out-of-Town Animal Care Volunteer from Nashville, Tennessee who spent a month with us in October and November working 40 hours per week to total 144 hours of dedicated service.



Cleeve Emurian joins us each Monday from Lexington, KY as an On-Site Animal Care Volunteer. Cleeve became a volunteer in October 2019 and after 3 months of dedicated service she has accumulated 43 volunteer hours.



Madison McLean became a Long-term Intern with the PRC in October 2019. Madison is from Danville, KY and graduated from Bridgewater College in Virginia with a Bachelor of Science in Biology. For the duration of her internship, Madison is working with the PRC staff for 40 hours per week, learning about animal husbandry, primate behavior and care, and the day to day work that is required to provide care to nearly 50 primates at a non-profit primate sanctuary.


If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about volunteering or becoming an intern, I encourage you to check out the Volunteer or Intern pages on our website. You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube to see photos and videos of the primates who benefit from the wonderful people who are a part of our animal care program.