We believe that Maggie may have both moor macaque and black-crested macaque genes. It is not uncommon for pet monkey breeders to disregard genetic differentiations between species. Maggie is a sweet, chatty girl who was rescued by the PRC from a private home in Missouri in 1998. As with many pet monkeys, Maggie’s size and energy level was difficult to manage in a private home. Her former owners recognized that Maggie was not a pet, and she would be much happier in sanctuary where she could have monkey companions.

Maggie lives with Mandy, a female black-crested macaque. Mandy and Maggie are the best of friends. Their bond has formed over the many years they have lived together at the PRC. They have been inseparable since their introduction to each other at the sanctuary in 2005.

Maggie and Mandy have a lot in common. They are both very chatty girls and often make high-pitched vocalizations back and forth to each other to “chat” about what is going on around them. They love to talk about other monkey groups around the sanctuary, their favorite treats, or some engaging enrichment they just received. They even have excited “conversations” with their caregivers as we check on them and chat back and forth with them about their day. Maggie and Mandy also love to spend their days grooming each other while listening to the creek behind their enclosure.

Most of our volunteers are able to identify Maggie earlier than other monkeys. Not only can we hear her unmistakable vocalizations from across the sanctuary, her appearance also makes her very memorable. Maggie has thick, long, black and fluffy hair with some streaks of grey. She is very tall compared to her companion Mandy, and she has a lot of hair framing her round face. Maggie’s eyes are what really draw you in, though. Up against her black hair, her bright orange/brown eyes are so beautiful!

We spare no expense for Maggie’s lifelong care. We provide all of the residents here at the Primate Rescue Center with a very wide variety of fruits and vegetables and we make it a top priority 
to give them enrichment that will keep them active and happy! Maggie’s favorite food items are strawberries, snap peas and almonds. You can help provide Maggie’s favorite things by becoming her Primate Pal! Pals receive frequent updates and photographs of their Pal throughout the year to remind them of the impact their sponsorship is making! To be Maggie’s Pal and help cover the costs of her happy sanctuary life, just click here. Another way to help care for Maggie is by donating items from our Amazon Wish List that she enjoys!