Anytime we rescue a new monkey, we have several initial steps to begin their rehabilitation. We first assess their overall health with a full veterinary examination. Then, we help them get accustomed to our daily routine and healthy diet. Once they have become comfortable with their new routine, we try to introduce them to another monkey or group of monkeys so that they can have a full and more normal social life. Because primates are such social animals, it is extremely important for a primate’s mental health to build relationships with other primates. One of our most recent successful rehabilitations and introductions was with pig-tail macaque Opie.

Opie arrived at the PRC in the winter of 2014. We immediately started planning for an eventual pairing with Maddie, another pig-tail macaque who arrived at the PRC in 2007. Maddie was initially introduced to a group of long-tailed macaques where she lived happily for many years. She seemed like the perfect companion for Opie.

Opie (left), Maddie (right)

After quarantine and riding out the winter (we don’t do introductions in colder months), we finalized our plans to reorganize some of the monkey house residents in order to free up a space for Maddie and Opie to live together as a pair.

After months of preparation, we finally were able to successfully introduce these two sweet, beautiful monkeys. Now, they are living happily together in one of our monkey houses! They are still getting to know each other, but so far they are moving freely throughout their space. They are able to eat together and enjoy each other’s company without any signs of aggression. They both seem very happy, calm, and generally peaceful together, which is all we could hope for in a monkey introduction.