When any of our chimps have a birthday, we like to go all out and arrange a big celebration! We try to make each birthday as fun and exciting as possible, and it is always great to have the help of our supporters, members, and volunteers to make each party special. We recently began having individuals sponsor each chimp’s birthday celebration, and we want to say Thank You to those who have sponsored a party this year! Here are some photos from our most recent birthday celebrations:

Cheryl Parson sponsored Hazel’s birthday, Beth Goldenberg sponsored Cory’s birthday, Amie LeMaster sponsored Jenny’s birthday, and Melissa Firestone sponsored Ike’s birthday. Thank you to each of you for your generosity, and for giving those chimps a special birthday. We still have plenty of chimps who need birthday sponsors including Zulu, who has a birthday coming up on June 30th! Most of the party supplies come from the dollar store, so for as little as $35, you too can sponsor a chimp birthday party. For more information on how you can sponsor one of our upcoming birthdays email us here.